Why Humaneotec?

Brand strength Competitive product Persistent profit Competitive channels
8 years of development from agent to a company of independent design and production The first ceiling lift system developed in China Share with Huamaneotec the persistent annual profits high profit margin & stable support of manufacturer

What you can expect from Humaneotec ?

Competitive Product


After-sale support
Independent product development and production for 8 years
Easy startup with innovative product promotion
The senior service experts in and out of China
Knowledge of medical industry
Your promotion on medical development
Your change on efficiency of medical industry
Powerful successful client team
Complete aftermarket payment system
Efficient technical support after sales

Education & Training
Sales Support Marketing Support
Product concept
Sales skill
Presales guidance of agent project
Reward project support
Promotion and reward activity support
Material support
Exhibition support
Special market expenses support

Proxy process

I、Conditions of application
II、Application flow
Has local lawful entity that can provide certification of legitimate business activities;
The ability to fulfill contractual obligations, and offer documentation including business license of enterprise legal person (duplicate), copy of ID card, office or commercial property and so on;
Fixed operational site and good credit, with long-term perspective of building up a brand and market operation ability;

Market development ability and professionalism of exploring marketing methods;
Commitment of no transregional sales, follow instructed price system and provide deposit;
Clear sales channels, complete market network and the extensive and close relationships;
Correspondent technical support, accept the training and appraisals of company and provide clients with after sale-service;

In compliance with the market management and requirements of company;
Agree with and follow the operation policy and management mode of company;
Financial capability.

III、Contact information

Tel:020-39388546  Fax:020-39388545  Zip code:511400  Address:Room 603, Tian An Hi-Tech Innovation Plaza, No. 555, Panyu A venue, Panyu District, Guagnzhou, 511400

Contact person:
Miss Zhou          E-mail:sales@huamneotec.com

South QQ

North QQ


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