Fill the World with Love

Like the wood without root or the water without source, a company without public spiritedness and social responsibility can hardly last for long. Giving back to community with a thankful heart is not only the responsibility and obligation of a company, but also the rules Humaneotec all the way has followed.

  •  In 2010, Humaneotec attended the Rehabilitation for the Disabled held by Guangzhou Longevity Society and offered more chance for those disabled to recover.

  •  In 2012, Humaneotec gave more close attention to the infants of Down syndrome and became a part of the public service(PC) activity called We Are the Same to introduce Down syndrome to the public.

  •  By 2014, Humaneotec had donated money for China Foundation for Disable Persons to help more disabled people a better life.
  • Love is doing whatever it takes

    Care Down Syndrome Family, Care the Future

      Mar 21 is observed as the international Day of Down Syndrome By the day, Humaneotec caught up with the 4th We Are the Same, the season for public service, had conducted the activity We Are The Same · Care Down Syndrome to introduce more about Down syndr


    Rehabilitation for the Disabled

      Rehabilitation for the disabled is a medical financing project launched by Guangzhou Health & Longevity Society It mainly served for 150 or more disabled people who could not afford related medical treatments in Guangzhou With the goal to improve their


    Hand in hand for Harmonious Life

      Hand in Hand for Harmonious Life is a community project hosted by Guangzhou Service Association for the Handicapped Through series of community activities, it presented the self-respect, confidence, self-reliance, independence, and other positive aspects


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